Video: Google chairman Eric Schmidt shares his predictions for 2014

Mobile, mobile and more mobile. Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt might not have a buzzy catchphrase for it like 'post PC era,' but he is certainly on board with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs's line of thinking: the future is mobile, and the future is now. 'Everyone is going to have a smartphone,' Schmidt said during a segment for Bloomberg TV in which he shared some predictions for the technology space in 2014. 'The fact that so many people are connected to what is essentially a super-computer means a whole new generation of applications around entertainment, education, social life... those kinds of things.'

'The trend has been that 'mobile was winning,' ' Schmidt continued. 'It's now won.' He added that smartphones and tablets are already outselling traditional PCs.

The Google exec also said that the biggest disruption we already can be sure about will be the emergence of more sophisticated machine intelligence, which will change business globally by giving them faster access to better data about their customers. The biggest question mark when it comes to 2014 disruptions will likely come from the field of genetics, and Schmidt expects some serious advancements in the coming year.

The full video from Bloomberg TV's interview with Schmidt follows below.


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