Control Your Appliances from Your Samsung Smart TV

Looking to grow its Smart TV app ecosystem, Samsung just announced its new Smart TV SDK 5.0 (Software Development Kit), which it says will allow for easier and faster app development. The SDK 5.0 will enable you to control your home appliances-including lighting, air-conditioning, and refrigerators-using the Samsung Smart TV application. From the press release.

'With membership and SDK downloads increasing yearly, the Samsung Development Forum website is becoming one of the world's largest TV app developer communities,' said YoungKi Byun, Vice President of Software Research & Development Team, Samsung Electronics. 'We plan to provide more various platforms and improve a development environment to expand the Smart TV app ecosystem.'

Interestingly, the new SDK software 'enables the app to be used on both TV and mobile devices.' On the heels of LG's recent announcement on the company's HomeChat software for its smart appliances, this seems to imply that the Samsung Smart TV app, which will let you control your smart appliances, will in turn let you do so remotely via a mobile device.

The new software will be available January 6, the night before 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.


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