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Using Google Docs to Prepare a document for Kindle Upload Part 1

A couple of months ago, I bought a Samsung 11 inch Chromebook. I was a bit unsure how much use I would get out of it at the time. It has since become my primary computer. I discussed in a previous post about it's strengths and limitations for writers.

It has turned out to be one of my best $250 purchases. While I can't do heavy
duty photo editing or publication design work, with Google docs and access to WiFi, I can do just about everything else. 
One thing I was sure I couldn't do was to prepare my files for upload to Kindle. I generally used InDesign or MS-Word so I could meet the standards of Amazon for convertible files, and to be able to create a clickable table of contents. 
Turns out I can do all that using Google Docs. That's right, online, free software being able to do as good of a job as the full MS-Word program in creating a file for Kindle upload. 
Now, this is in no way Microsoft Bashing. Word is a great program and can do tons of things no online program can…

Increase your earnings with Fiverr by a amazing gig picture

Hi fiverr sellers!Today I'm going to tell you very important method to increase your daily earnings with .If you are new to Fiverr you looking for increase your sales on Fiverr. Sometimes I saw some fiverr beginners haven't any orders but there are lot of gigs.
When you search on google or something for " what I do for increase sales?'' then you will got every time "share your gig on twitter/facebook ............".But today I'm going to tell you something you can  do when your gig creating and it will very helpful for increase your sales on fiverr.

How it happened?
                          It based on the gig photo which you added.I going to tell the story of success step by step with examples.If you are a fiverr beginner I'm sure you can understand easily what I talk.Firstly think about the importance of the gig photo for your fiverr sales.Just think you went to super market.then there were lot of products in…

Eset nod 32 keys up to 2015

Eset nod 32 virus guard is the best virus guard which I used.If you are looking for a best virus guard for your  personal computer Eset nod is the best.I have been using many virus guards since few years.Then I realized Nod 32 is the best.Why I tell like this?When you compare Eset with kaspersky  you can understand the usage of computer from this two.Eset take less of usage from the computer.And if you are user of windows 8 then you can use Eset nod 32 as your virus guard. windows defender has been installed already on windows 8 as the antivirus.But you feel little doubt about the windows defender then you can use Eset as your second antivirus specialist in your computer without any system errors.                       Here today I'm going to give you free eset nod 32 activation keys up to 2015.copy and paste these usernames and passwords and enjoy with your eset nod 32.

Username: EAV-54316556
Password: 48khb1jewr

Are you one of those filthy Cyber Pirates?

A few days ago there was a big discussion on a couple of author email loops I belong to about a potential pirate site. Everyone was outraged when they saw their books on those sites. The moral outrage was everywhere. However, I had occasion to visit a couple of their blogs and websites and, guess what I found out? They were filthy cyber-pirates. And guess what else, I may have been as

My mother used to say when you point a finger at anyone else, there are three pointing back at you. That was how I learned to use the open handed pointing technique. However, I don't think that's what she was trying to tell me.

In the digital age, it is very easy to violate copyright, but if we ever expect people to respect our intellectual property rights, we have to respect theirs. Here's an example.

Several months ago, a blogger (and author) was shocked to receive a bill from a photographer for a substantial amount of money because she had used one of their photographs in her blog. She …

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review: Gimme One Smartphone, with Everything

When it became clear that Google’s Android operating system would be the iPhone’s primary rival, hardware makers quickly began cranking out a vast profusion of Android models. And for a while, it looked like the future of the phone market would be the iPhone vs. … well, everybody.

Recently, though, the market has boiled down to the iPhone vs. Samsung — or, more precisely, the iPhone vs. the Galaxy S. True, other manufacturers produce some very well-done Android phones, like HTC’s elegant One. But Samsung is Android’s 800-lb. gorilla, and the Galaxy S line is its most direct answer to Apple’s phone. Which makes the Galaxy S 4 the smartphone you’re most likely to buy if you’re not buying an iPhone.

Like previous Galaxy phones, the S 4 will be one of the most widely available smartphones on the planet: it arrives on AT&T on Saturday, on Sprint and T-Mobile next week and on Verizon in May. The price varies from carrier to carrier and reseller to reseller, but in general, the 16GB model …

How to download large files with your blackberry device through UCweb


How to use your blackberry phone as a modem for your pc


How To Add Animated Flash Clock To Your Blogger Blog

Hello! `How are you guys? here's the cool Clock.this tutorial will show you how to Add animated flash clock gadget your Blogger blog. A clock gives a beautiful look to a website. A clock is a necessity for a personal website, forum, blog etc.Isn’t it exciting when you get a highly quality flash Clock absolutely Free? you can add this flash animated clock your blog easily.i've tested this Flash Clock on internet explorer, mozzilla firefox & many other web browsers. it's very fast and fresh.You simply have to copy the code below each clock and add it to your blog.

How To Add Aniamted Flash Clock Widget To Blogger? Choose a type of clock belowProvide Require widget titleFill Height and Width of the Widget Click on "Genetate" buttonFinally click on "Add to Blogger" to add it to your blog.

Add Animated Flash Clock To Your Blogger blog

Now let's start adding it...

Step 1. Login to Your Blogger Account.Go to your Blogger Dashboard.Click on Layout tab from…

5 Ways to freelance online

Being a freelancer is tough. The hours are diabolical, the pay is low, and many people assume you are on benefits when you tell them you work from home (or they assume worse). But, if you have got the tenacity to stick it out, then it may be a viable alternative lifestyle until you can find yourself a real job. Here are five ways that you can be an online freelancer.

1 - Sell your photography online and advertise your services
You may advertise your photography online if you wish, but there are marketplace sites out there that will allow you to upload your images and sell them. Some of them will allow you to sell your pictures, but only via a printing company. So, the person is just buying the image (to frame in their house). Other websites will let you sell your licenses for your image, either full rights licenses or a usage license. These are the best sites because people are more likely to want an image that they license so that they can use it, instead of just buying an image that t…

22+ Google Flag Translate Widget For Blogger / Blogspot

Installing translete on blogs is very necessary because there could be visitors from foreign countries who stray blog you, but that should be taken to ensure that no errors occur then translate your blog must use the official language, not language or slang market.Let your readers easily translate your blog with this highly compact widget. This blog translator is powered by Google Translate. The languages available at the click of a flag are Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.I hope no one could have seen a huge list anywhere. Now This widget gives your readers easily translate your blog.

How to add the Google Translate Widget to your blog:


Now let's start adding it...

Step 1. Login to Your Blogger Account.Go to your Blogger Dashboard.Click on Layout tab from left pane and click on Add a …