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Axiom Wins 5 “Best in Category” Awards at the AMA Houston’s 2010 Crystal Awards Show

Axiom brought its “A” Game to this year’s AMA Crystal Awards and walked away with 5 “Best in Category” Crystal wins. Additionally, Axiom had the most finalists in the show with 32 projects recognized across 18 categories.

Highest honors (Crystal Awards) were achieved for the following print and screen-based projects:

Advertising – Magazine (single): Cameron Tree Rings Ad

Advertising – Online (single banner, button, pop up): Cameron Acquires NATCO

Interactive/Multimedia Marketing Presentation: ION Geophysical Interactive Tours

Website – Business to Business: Axiom Creative Energy

Website – Non-profit: Historic Houston

The evening’s accolades were especially notable as the 2010 competition had the most participation in the history of the event. The American Marketing Association’s Houston chapter has the second largest membership (after the founding Chicago chapter). In four out of the past five years, Houston has been acknowledged as Chapter of the Year — a record in charter history.

Within t…

Pain Relief Is Only A Wallet Away

Nagging pain? Headache? Worried? It looks like it pays off to have a wad of cash handy. According to compelling behavioral research, the simple act of physically handling money relieves pain.

The good news? Money makes people more self-sufficient and more motivated. The dark side? Money makes people less helpful, less social, and less charitable.

Perhaps banks should consider a new product line extension: a room where customers could rent time to fondle money to alleviate pain. Add a coffee bar, snacks, good music and--voila!--a new business model is born.

Visual Storytelling Now Mainstream

What was once deemed as “adult comic books,” graphic novels are gobbling up shelf space alongside “serious literature” these days in bookstores. Over the past decade, the graphic novel industry has reported double-digit growth according to Joe Field, president of ComicsPro, a trade organization for independent comic retailers. “Ten to 12 years ago, I had to pay attention to 12 to 20 publishers,” Field said. “Now, literally every publishing house has a graphic novel imprint ... Graphic novels are the only segment of publishing that has consistently gone up in the last five to six years.” Publishing giant Hachette Book Group set records for first-week sales with the first volume of a graphic novel adaptation for Twilight.

In order to meet this rising tide, the University of Houston has begun a Graphic Novel Workshop to help budding writers craft their narratives. Mat Johnson, who teaches at The University of Houston Creative Writing Program and author of the graphic novel, Incognegro,…

The Fall of the Web’s Latin Hegemony

Imagine you are Chinese, Egyptian, or Russian. Now, imagine that over the past few decades, you’ve been driving your car throughout your homeland, navigating with Latin language traffic signs. Annoying, but doable. Then suddenly, the signs have been replaced with your native language.

Welcome to the web's non-Latin language domains.

"You should have seen the Russian celebration of this, it was so emotional. Suddenly their own language can be used," says Tina Dam, Senior Director of International Domain Names for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, which is working on implementing 21 international applications for domain names in 11 languages. "This is the biggest change in the Internet in 40 years."

For example, let's say you wanted to go to the office of the President of the Russian federation, you type in "president.rf" Today, the Cyrillic address is http://президент.рф/

To be sure, there’s plenty of security w…

Axiom Achieves Finalist Status in 18 AMA 2010 Crystal Award Categories

Axiom took the theme of this year’s 2010 American Marketing Association (AMA) Houston Crystal Awards to heart, and brought its “A” game to the annual juried competition. As a result, Axiom will go to the award ceremony May 20 as the finalist leader with 32 accepted entries across 18 categories. Axiom’s 32 finalists will all earn at least a “Citation of Excellence”, with the Best in Category winners receiving the coveted “Crystal Award.”

Topping the list of Axiom’s finalist entries were two integrated marketing communication programs that each encompassed overall strategy and implementation and included theme and message development, websites, brochures, print and online advertising, multimedia, tradeshows and direct mail. In addition to these two comprehensive campaigns, Axiom’s entries for energy, technology and non-profit clients spanned a full range of marketing communication and design categories such as advertising, animation, annual reports, brochure systems, websites, web-based…