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Buying Advertising

There are tons of opportunities for free promotion for authors, but as the old saying goes "With free, you get what you pay for." It's chancy at best. For some of us, it's about all we can afford, but sometimes we have a bit of money and start thinking about buying a promotional package.

There are many places that will create promotional packages for authors. Likewise, there are a variety of advertising opportunities on websites, blogs, in
magazines, newspapers and ezines. How do you decide on advertising?

I spent several years selling advertising and then several more years helping people buy it. Here are a few things to consider:

You visit a book promotion website and you see that they will give you a promotional package for $100. The premium package is $150. The Super Colossal Premium package is $200. Another site has three packaged for $75, $95 and $125. The second site is the best value, right?

Not necessarily.  You know the old saying about comparing apples and…

Promote your band, artist or music project to my 100,000 facebook music loving fans mainly uk and usa but world also

I will post your selected link on Music Crowns 95k fans and depending on your genre Urban Music Crown 17k likes and Rock Music Crown 11k. This will also post out on Twitter to circa 17-25k followers. The Article Gig is HIGHLY Recommended also... TIP: include a photo that will grab people's attention, get creative - this might be you pictured with a celeb, an unusual instrument, a me-me or something whacky, perhaps a ham sandwich shaped as a piano (yes this really happened)! ***400+ Positive Reviews can't be wrong!*** ***We do not guarantee activity on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter as we don't force anyone to react*** ***This is Music Promotion***

Research and Write a 250 words article

I have been writing and researching for over twenty years. Have a topic? Don't have a topic...Just tell me what you would like written and it's a done deal! I will research and write a 250-word article on any topic. Delivery in 24-hours or less or up to 7 days.

Provide a website analysis to you, 300 to 500 words of original analysis

I will look at your website or blog and provide a 300 to 500 word analysis --original facts and opinions typed up just for you-- of how you could improve the site based on my years of experience with website content and design. I have hundreds of articles online, dozens of sites of my own and a degree in communication, so I know what I'm talking about. While others may offer more bells and whistles, no one on Fiverr offers more experience to you.

Express Subtitles From Text for Your Video or YouTube Up to 5 minutes

If you are a video maker, or you have tv series, YouTube or movie to subtitle, please send me text file of written dialogues (currently accepting English & Slovene & Deutsch & Nihongo (for others please send me personal message before ordering)) and I will make professional timed subtitles for that video. And please include video (will work even via Youtube) too. I will make up to 5min video subtitling. For more, purchase more gigs. Finished script will be sent in .SRT, with Gig Extra l can render to video and send it in .mp4. See Gig Extra for pricing.

Design Professional Book Cover

Want to createanebookcoverwithhigh resolution? he willmakethe bestcoveras you wish. or you can alsosendapictureyou want to editand addyourcoverto begetting betteras you would expect.

Latest Free Browsing On MTN

This cheat evolved around 12 January 2013 and its still rocking You can now browse free on Your MTN using the settings below.
MTN Free Browsing Cheats for Nokia Phones, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Free Browsing Cheats for Operami 4.2 | 5.0 |5.2
Then Open your operamini and insert this tweaks. Custom Http Server: Host:
Posted by XIAOQ in Techgurus forum

How to Install Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Slim Bean for Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Samsung Galaxy S may be an old device, but for owners who loves tinkering and enjoys customization, Slim Bean is one of the best sources for Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Slim Beam Custom ROM features:
RealDarkSlim Toggle
New Slim Sizer
Slim Center
New Root function for SlimFileManager
New extended Quick Settings style options
New Notification and Lock screen shortcuts
Updated Dash Clock
Changeable Notification behavior
NFC Polling Mode: AOKP version
New low battery indicator options
New scenes and focus modes for the camera app
New exposure and jpeg quality for video capture
Warning: This is a custom ROM. Developers would not be held responsible for any damages to your device. Make sure to create a backup of your files and research about the Slim Bean ROM. Do this at your own risk.

1.      Create a backup for your SMS, Contacts, APN and data files.

2.      Make sure to have at least 80 per cent battery level to prevent interruption during the flash.

3.      Enable th…

Browse unlimitedly on pc with modem and MTN BIS plan

Dah latest free browsing on pc is here again with only your MTN BIS and modem, this trick was formerly blocked by MTN but now its rocking again. You do not need any VPN or proxy tunneling software for this cheat to work, all you need is just; your modem, MTN Sim card currently on BIS either monthly or weekly any of them will work. If you don't have a blackberry phone; don't worry you don't need a blackberry phone to make this trick work, simply follow the steps below and you are good to go.

here are captured proofs to show its working

You can see my received and sent data, also on the APN am using

see also my credit is still intact

i can do all lots of stuff even read manga online

here you can see my download speed, am actually downloading a 143MB file with ease, web pages opens very fast like folders, unlimited downloads and so on. just follow the steps below and browse for free.

1) Subscribe to any of the mtn bis plans either weekly or monthly, for we…

Is Blogging Necessary?

I admit that I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. I've done it inconsistently for years. I know that to be "successful" at blogging you have to do it on a regular basis. However, I find that hard to do. Possibly, it's because I'm not the sort of person who just blogs to be blogging or to share my life. I treat blogging more like writing a column or an article. Regardless, I am not a "consistent" blogger. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, it's because there is a belief that ALL writers MUST blog. Some publishing companies require their authors to blog regularly. There is an assumption that blogging is a major part of marketing success for the writer. 

Recently, though, some writers are challenging the popular wisdom. A recent article by L.L. Barkat (ironically published in a blog) contends that experienced writers should stop blogging. Barkat argues that the impact on sales is so low that it is pretty useless as a marketing tool. 

In this, I h…

SEO Guide for beginners 3

Hi everyone, back again with another search engine optimization guide I'm going to show you few simple steps to increase your visitors through search engine optimization.I'm sure you didn't think about that kind of things help to increase your site traffic through search engines.
Select suitable web address for your blog/site                               One of the most sensitive case is choosing your web site URL.Why I say like that?Just think that you are going to write a blog about making money from internet.You have a idea to write about adsense,Fiverr,adclicking,microworkers like that.then I have found lot of blogs under that content have blog address same as its title "Black Arrow","e money how" etc.Why we can't use the title and the URL like "".Real E-money Tips all of the three words having a good value on search engines.As our previous post we can check about how many search…

How can you earn money online as a teenager? | Part 1

As a teenager we need money in many needs.If you are a student having higher education you will feel it more.need more money.Just think you want money to pay your internet bill.Then we have to do a part time job or something.but there is a easy way to success your targets.make money online.there are lot of ways to earn money online.lets we discuss few things which are suitable for teenagers.
Why you should work online Earn money on your own scheduleThere are no boss no timetable .if you need break then you can get a breakYou can do other things while eranings.make friends/chat with them/listen music...etcNo experience required   It will develop your leader ship as the bossYou can never get firedYou can earn from home no need to go workplaceYou can improve your skills while online earnings Earn money on micro job site (                     Use your ability and earn money for your service.Its like a global work marketplace. Fiverr is the most famous an…

Use right keywords | SEO Guide for beginners -2

If you are looking for optimize your blog in search engines (SEO) successfully then there is a something you must pay your attention.It's called KEYWORDS.keywords tell to search engines what is your  post content.They work as a summarize in your article.Lets we consider an example.You are going to write a article about making money from internet.then your aim must be write about making money online and in search engines you want to show your article in that field.So how is it happening?
  You need earn more visitors heavy traffic from search engines like Google bing and yahoo etc.but there are lot of articles in the internet under that you must make your article for search engines can find easily your article.for that keywords help you which are on your article.If there are more keywords which people mostly search from search engines then in Google search engine the searching robot find your article through millions of articles.So there is a problem how we  attract Google …

Axiom: At Home in Fire Station No. 6.

We've recently completed a virtual tour of Fire Station No. 6 and posted the video online. Capturing the sights and sounds of everyday life at Axiom, we wanted to share with our friends and clients a quick walk through of the building and a behind the scene glimpse of the collaborative creative energy at work in the space.

To learn more about historic Fire Station No. 6 please check out the microsite here.

To get an inside peek of studio life please connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Increase your site traffic

Are you a blog beginner?find the methods to increase your blog site traffic within reasonable time?Today I'm going to tell you the success few methods which you must pay your attention while trying increase your site carefully and understand well why they important to increase your daily visitors.

Search engine Optimization             First and very important thing is search engine optimization.If you optimize your blog in google search engine and other search engine well then really traffic will visit to your blog through that search engines.How we do it well?SEO is not easy thing and there is many things to do make your blog as well search engine optimized.If you are looking for learn SEO step by step easily thin stay with our weekly updated SEO guide.
Write about useful things for others          Very successful method that I know from my own experience.Just think like that.You are going to start a blog  under the category  which your favorite one.But if you…

Of Writers, Rules and Insanity

[I posted this on an email loop the other day and got a lot of good responses. One person even created a meme out of one of the quotes I included here. I hope you enjoy it.]

Someone mentioned in a post here the old saying about insanity as being defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. They also noted that when they tried something different, that was more in line with their own life situation, it worked for them. 

As writers, we are inundated by suggestions masquerading as "rules." A writer finds something that works for them and suddenly it's the "one and only" way to do things. I remember reading a book by a woman pontificating about the way to create a plot outline. It had to be detailed. Each scene worked out in advance and following a certain pattern. The irony of that was that the only book I could find written by this woman was the book on writing novels. She had never actually written one herself. In fact, aside fro…

google nexus 4 review

Even though I am an iPhone user and have been since the first generation iPhone was announced by the late Steve Jobs back in 2007, I’ve tried to keep an open mind about viable alternatives. I’ll be honest: I’ve been tempted to use an Android device. Several times. In fact, my first encounter with Android OS was on a Samsung Galaxy S2, which I purchased shortly after we gave one away in September 2011. Truthfully, the experience was so unpleasant that I had to switch back to my iPhone 4 after a few days.
Two years later, I compared a Nexus 7 against my iPad mini and immediately, the improvements and refinements to the operating system were prominent, I figured that I could finally succumb to using an Android device after all these years with iOS. So when the opportunity to review the Nexus 4 presented itself, I leaped at the chance. We’ll be giving this review unit away, so stick around if you want it!
Introduction to the Nexus 4
The Nexus 4, according to my colleague Erez Zukerman, can b…

Building a Platform through Publishing

Since my last several posts have dealt with self-publishing, you may think I have no interest in traditional publishing. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have some future projects in mind that I would love to have the support of a larger traditional publisher. By that I mean one that would give me an advance against royalties in four figures or above, editing and design support, and some effective paid marketing.

So, why not chuck the whole self-publishing bit and spend my time sending out queries to agents (that type of publisher doesn't take queries or unsolicited manuscripts) and writing the great novel that they will just adore? One simple reason: It ain't gonna happen!

Sure when I was in high school, I believed the typical fairy tale you see in the movies of the novice who writes a novel that gets accepted by a major publisher and within a few weeks is on the bestseller list. However, that's just not likely to happen. Publishers, especially large publishers,…

How Direct to Reader Publishing is Empowering Authors

I was thinking the other day about possibly next year finding an agent to see if I could land a decent contract with a larger publisher. I put out a request for input on another list. As I was writing, I was making 'demands.' The agent would have to have a good track record. I would want to see a list of books s/he had recently placed and with what publishers. I would want a list of references. Then I was thinking about the publishing deal. I would need an advance equivalent to what I would likely make from selling indie for at least a year (the average time it takes for a book to reach market traditionally). I would need more than the standard 10% royalty, some input over pricing, and access to all the marketing tools on Amazon. I would also need monthly sales reports so I could adjust marketing to the sales.

Then I stopped and said, "Where's Terri Main and what have you done with her?" This is not the same woman who for 40 years has went hat in hand to publisher…

Why User Unfollow You On Twitter

Many twitter users get unfollowed by some user which the reason of the action is unknown to non of the culprit. I’ve experience such a problem some times ago while i was wondering why this should happen. Bellow I’ve listed some possible reason which might have cause this action to anyone of you.
1. Not following backSome twitter user will want other users to follow them but they will not follow the person back, Most users want to be followed back. Unless maybe if you are a celebrity or a news agency.

2. Inactive UsersIf you are inactive on twitter you will most likely be unfollowed eventually. Companies and brands should make it a point to tweet regularly to their users.

3. Uninteresting tweetsIf you do not tweet the latest movie trailers or the latest news or some funny quotes, you may be unfollowed afterall.
4. Too many tweets
Users who tweet in bursts end up clogging the timeline of their followers. This is one of the main reasons why you can get unfollowed on twitter.
5. Spam linksPosti…

SEO guide for beginners-1

Search Engine Optimization.What you feel hearing this?Its most important thing if you have a blog  and also you have a target to success your blog with more visitors.People will visit to your blog if your blog has been well optimized in search engines.we can simply discussed SEO like this.I could  earn more visitors through SEO for my blog so I thought to guide you "how you can  optimized successfully your blog in search engines".
                 First time I started this blog and submitted it to blog directories and looking for a page-views and visitors. Unfortunately I was not satisfied with those values.And I told about it to one of my friend.He told me "Optimize your blog in Search Engines and you can earn lot of visitors through it".and he also tell me little  about  SEO."SEO" first time I heard that word.His description was not clear to me but I found a new point.Then after that I typed on google search engine "SEO".It was…

Nexus 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is Samsung's attempt at a 10-inch high-end Android tablet, similarly the Nexus 10 is Google's equivalent. So it would make perfect sense to compare the two, right? That's just what we've done. Here's our Google Nexus 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 comparison review.

Nexus 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1: Price

Both the Nexus 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 come with 16GB and 32GB storage options. The cheapest version of of each tablet are the 16GB models, which are priced at £238 for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and £319 for the Nexus 10. See also Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 2 comparison review
When you move up to the 32 GB tablets, the price gap shortens a little to £339 for the Samsung tablet and £389 for the Google tablet.
Samsung also offers the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with 3G connectivity. You can expect to pay £349 for the 16GB 3G model and £439 for the 32GB 3G Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1's. The Google Nexus 10 is not 3G compatible.

It's worth no…