USC football star Jadeveon Clowney gets another speeding ticket

- Opposing linemen can't stop Javedeon Clowney, but S.C.'s finest can. And have. Again.

Thursday morning, University of South Carolina defensive football star Javedeon Clowney got another traffic ticket for speeding.

This time, an officer from the Columbia police department stopped Clowney and charged him with going 84 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone.

The stop took place around 10:30 a.m. Thursday on the outskirts of Columbia's downtown, where I-26 meets I-126, according to a traffic citation obtained by The State newspaper. The citation was released through official police channels at the paper's request.

The stop is the second this month for Clowney.

In early December, a S.C. Highway Patrol trooper ticketed him for going 110 mph in a 70-mph zone on I-77 in Fairfield County north of Columbia.

Clowney was given a $355 ticket for that offense. That offense would mean a maximum of six points against Clowney's license because he was traveling 25 or more miles per hour more than the posted limit.

Clowney was also going 25 mph more than the posted limit when he was stopped Thursday morning, according to the citation.

South Carolina drivers have their licenses suspended once they accumulate 12 points.

The day before Clowney was clocked speeding 110 mph in Fairfield County, a rival Clemson University star was stopped for speeding in Kershaw County.

Unlike Clowney, Tigers quarterback Taj Boyd was issued only a warning for traveling 84 mph in a 70-mph zone along I-20.

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