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New Shark Skins for The Houstonian Hammerheads…by Axiom

The Houstonian Hammerheads Cycling Team, sponsored by The Houstonian Club, is training hard for the annual BP MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin, April 16-17, 2011. Their cycling uniform now sports an all new design, courtesy of Axiom.

The Hammerheads train for 12 weeks for the two-day cycling adventure that raises funds to help people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Training for and riding in the MS150 gives Houstonian members a great way meet and interact with other members as they get into top shape.

Axiom worked with Lisa Rainey, who heads the Hammerhead team, to put a unique “spin” on the design that would be used on the cycling jersey kit that included shirt, pants and, of course, t-shirt.

Out of several Axiom designs, The Houstonian chose one that was contemporary and would stand out from the other jerseys within the race. The cycling uniform was manufactured by Sugoi (leading supplier of endurance sports apparel).

Check out the Houstonian Hammerheads and for more information…