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Related Posts Showdown: LinkWithin VS Outbrain VS nRelate

If you've been blogging or reading blogs for any amount of time, then you've probably noticed, or might even already have installed a related posts widget. They are a great idea and an effective method for increasing page views and reducing bounce rates by encouraging visitors to stay on your blog longer by showing them a list of other enticing posts that "They Might Like".

In my opinion, the choice of whether or not to install one of these widgets on your blog is a no-brainer. There are no drawbacks, unless you maybe have a small and infrequently updated blog with a limited amount of posts such as this one. In that case, you might want to hold off on it until you've built up a decent amount of posts or articles. However, if you have an established blog with a healthy number of posts, then you are missing out if you don't have a related post widget.

The only real question, and one not so easily answered is, of the many available solutions out there, which one d…

Axiom welcomes ADDY hardware to new home

Some timely housewarming items arrived at Axiom's new residence at 1702 Washington Ave.

Axiom collected five ADDY Awards and 12 Citations of Excellence at AAF-Houston's 50th annual awards ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston on Saturday night.

The centerpiece was a multi-component, multimedia presentation for Cameron that combined its nine divisions into one voice under the theme "Discover Cameron." The campaign was the main magnet for Axiom, taking a Silver Addy in the B-to-B Regional/National Campaign category, and both Gold and Silver ADDYs in the Illustration Campaign category.

Axiom also won Gold for its catalog showcasing the artwork of Mary McCleary, Art League Houston's 2011 Texas Artist of the Year; and a Silver for Hope Stone's Annual Fund Invitation.

Axiom, which received 17 nominations heading into Saturday's ceremony, earned two Citations of Excellence for its campaign on Fire Station No. 6, the company's new home after th…

The Big Pictures of Fire Station No. 6

When "creative energy" meets "Rough and Ready," the endearing nickname of the early 20th-century crew of Fire Station No. 6, the resultant atmosphere blends past with present, and the spirit of getting the job done continues to resonate.
Today, Axiom enters another historic space where "creative energy" evolves. Within the landmark Fire Station No. 6 at 1702 Washington Ave. (est. 1903), 10-foot-by-12-foot images of 1920s Houston firefighters provide everyday inspiration to employees. Visitors cannot help but to recognize the history presented on the walls as they walk through the building.

Axiom's previous location was the landmark TriBeca Lofts (a.k.a. the Clarke & Courts building, est. 1936) at 1210 West Clay, an art deco structure where Tom Hair cultivated his "creative energy" philosophy since 1998.  Hair purchased FS6 in 2005 and devoted considerable time and resources to achieving its restoration.
The mural-size images of the orig…

'Rough and Ready' For Anything

Axiom president Tom Hair gets a grip on the fire pole and the Axiom team settles into its new HQ, the original Fire Station No. 6 at 1702 Washington Ave., Houston, TX 77007. The station, a historic landmark that first opened in 1903, becomes the site of a new atmosphere of creative energy and a beacon of community pride in the Sixth Ward. Seated from left: Philip Ransdell, John Luu, Lisa Lerch, David Lerch, Chris Jones and Carleton Smith. Standing from left: Laura Hughey, David Yarbrough, Mike Wu, John Duplechin, Matt Schott, Laura Paddock, Mandy Ahr, Rodney Flores, Darryl Terrell and Diana Salerno.

17+ Featured Content Slider for Blogger Using jQuery

You should already know about JQuery Featured Content Slider.Today we will see how to add 17+ jQuery featured content sliders / slideshows for your blog or website.Almost all bloggers use the contents, which included slider.Contents are a great way to show a lot of content in a smaller area of ​​a web page or a blog. Automatic sliding doors are dynamic content in many popular websites on the web.This is a great technique to represent different types of content in a limited space and a good way to involve the user.You have probably noticed that a lot of websites recently a working area with content that slides or changes in any way.

Are you interested in implementing a content slider in your website? Checkout this list!Here I am going to teach you, how to add a featured content slider to your blogger / blogspot blogs.You're not sure what is it exactly? You`ll see below ;)

Featured Content Slider for Blogger Using jQuery

How to Install This Widget on Blogger?


A. Adding CSS Theme…