Rdio shutters Vdio, hits rewind on video

The Rdio-operated service survived just eight months after failing to attract people to its digital video business.

(Credit: Screenshot/Paul Sloan/CNET)

Vdio, an offshoot service from music-streaming company Rdio, has pressed the stop button on its Web and iPad video offering less than a year after launching to rival Apple and Amazon in the pay-to-play digital video business.

'We have decided to discontinue the Vdio beta service,' the Vdio website now reads. 'Despite our efforts, we were not able to deliver the differentiated customer experience we had hoped for.'

Vdio let audiences rent and buy movies and TV shows, as well as create video playlists to share with friends. After a soft-launch in April, the online video service opened its doors to everyone in the US and UK in June.

Rdio Vice President of Product Malthe Sigurdsson previously said that Vdio was part of the company's larger strategy to be a 'full-fledged entertainment service,' though that strategy now appears to have been overly ambitious.

People who paid for Vdio content will be refunded their money in Amazon credits and the titles will no longer be available for streaming, the company said.


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