Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku

Although the market deserves a range of choices, the flooding also causes confusion and indecision. Among the main players, there is more than enough for anyone. Other players such as Amazon are said to be joining the fray. The recurrent question in the whole wide market is whether the applications give the buyers value for their money or not.

Upgrade from Apple? Really?

There has been a rumor that Apple is set to upgrade their set top box. In the meantime their clients will have to make do with the 2012 version. If metro qualities are anything to go by when judging set top boxes, then the Apple set top is a pretty modern option. It affords the users over twenty four channels. A good number among these channels are free watch options. The only twist is that the Apple set top requires an accompanying subscription. Users must also have cable facilities.

Apple has an edge over the other streaming devices because it is the only device that offers streaming of Qello. Qello is a streaming service that is highly on demand. You can watch full length music documentaries and HDO concert films on this service.

Chromecast Features in Larger Perspective

Chromecast on the other hand is a very cheap option for users who need set up video streaming devices in 2013. It has, however, been accused of presenting the worst line among all the video streaming devices. Chromecast comes with a paltry five video applications. This has been a disappointment to the users who wish to view all kinds of streams on their video streaming device. What with the numerous other options which offer a wide range of choices! Chromecast must have realized the deficiency when they made sure that at least the set up box has Hulu and Netflix.

Chromecast Does Not Support HBO Go Streaming

Users will however have to make do with the fact that Chromecast does not support HBO Go yet. Of course this is where they lose out to Apple. There are some third party attempts to salvage the situation by providing more channels on a monthly subscription basis. Critics do not think this helps out much. They argue that there is no point in subscribing to a pay channel when you have already cut the cord.

Limited to Android

Users of Chromecast are required to select the video streams they wish to watch with a tablet or smart phone. It is seen as an oversight for Google to have failed to facilitate the use of Chromecast with other operating systems such as iOS. Since no single device is capable of including everything that all users wish for, it is fair to state that Chromecast is still a good buy, especially if you are bent on streaming Hulu and Netflix. The two video streams are in hot demand; therefore, you may not feel shortchanged.

Roku - Back with a Bang

Roku is back with an array of improved and added features. It appears to have been greatly enhanced. If the information by the developers is anything to go by, the set top box is said to be able to stream up to over a thousand Channels. It is reported that HBO Go is among the streams that will be supported on this set top box. The figure is obviously staggering. However, the final verdict, as usual, lies with the users.


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