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Ch. 13 Goes ‘Hometown Live’ From Fire Station No. 6

To paraphrase the Beatles, the Axiom magical media mystery tour continues, this time with Houston's ABC affiliate, and some unprecedented moments in the process.

KTRK-TV Ch. 13 on Tuesday shined the spotlight on Axiom for “Hometown Live,” a staple in the station's daily afternoon newscasts. Reporter Sonia Azad interviewed Axiom's Tom Hair and Matt Schott, along with retired chiefs of the Houston Fire Department.

Earlier in the day, the Axiom team, clad in red Fire Station No. 6 T-shirts, set up chairs, a check-in table for guests, and helped get the vintage 1926 American LaFrance truck into position for photo ops in front of the building. Valet parking and lunch also was provided at the event. The C shift of the HFD Station 6, led by District Chief Wallace Page, also got into positions at the front gates and along tour stops.

One by one, former HFD chiefs V.E. Rogers, C.R. Cook, Joseph Perino, R.R. Harrison, Lester Tyra and Phil Boriskie met with Tom Hair and mingled with ot…

Facebook Pages Manager

In the wake of Facebook's recent IPO, the company recently stealth-launched a new Facebook app directed at marketers and Facebook page administrators that gives them additional Facebook page administrative tools that were previously unavailable on iOS and Android platform outside of some third-party apps and services.

If you manage or admin your company's Facebook page, you're often “Johnny-on-the-spot” during important live events in the sense that you're posting live updates, photos and comments for things occurring in real time on your brand's Facebook page. If you're doing this on the go, it usually means you're using a smartphone or tablet to admin your page. With the existing mobile Facebook app, it was often cumbersome to manage page interactions since the app interface didn't allow access to many administrative functions with the page's API.

With Facebook Pages Manager, admins now have a dedicated app that allows them to manage Facebook pages …

Axiom Snares 2 Crystals, but Guess Who Stole the Show?

The 26th annual Crystal Awards at the Hyatt in downtown Houston proved memorable in a rather unusual fashion.

The operative word here is “fashion.”

Crystal Awards co-chair Jared Houser, who emceed Friday's event, got the festivities moving along in a timely manner, but Mrs. Richfield stole the show.

Houser introduced the cross-dressing Mrs. Richfield as part of the entertainment for the Crystal Awards, and Mrs. Richfield was engaging, with biting humor and a booming singing voice.

Between Mrs. Richfield's routines and costume changes, Crystal Awards were handed out. Axiom and Cameron won Best in Category for Interactive/Multimedia Marketing Presentation with "Discover Cameron Interactive Multimedia." Axiom also earned Crystal honors with Excalibur for Best Trade Show Booth (above 400 square feet) for Cameron's 2011 OTC booth.

Axiom also received Citations of Excellence for 18 other entries during AMA Houston's ceremony.

The flamboyant Mrs. Richfield might have walk…

Pole call: Axiom rallies around Chron reporter's descent

Houston Chronicle reporter Melanie Warner recently toured Fire Station No. 6 with its owner, Axiom President Tom Hair, but she had some unfinished business after leaving the station.

Warner wanted to slide down the fire pole.

But first things first. Warner, a senior reporter with the Chronicle whose blog, Design Houston, regularly appears on the newspaper's website,, interviewed Hair at the station last week. After a brief introduction to the building's exterior, Hair led Warner through the interior, pointing out the details of the mahogany windows, the mural-size photos on the walls, the reclaimed Cedar Bayou bricks and pinewood flooring, the unobstructed view of downtown Houston.

All of this proved inspiring to many visitors at Fire Station No. 6. For Warner, the fire pole was especially intriguing, a challenge, a bucket-list item to check off.

Problem was, Warner wore a skirt and heels and was not dressed for such a direct journey from the second floor to ground level…

The OTC experience: Off The Charts

The annual Offshore Technology Conference is must-see event in Houston. Hundreds of energy vendors and thousands of attendees from dozens of countries add up to a world-class attraction.

In fact, nearly 90,000 attended this year's OTC, third-largest since the event began in 1979 and reaffirming its stature as one of the world's largest industry trade shows.

Even that stat, however does not do justice to what's inside the Reliant Park exhibit halls.

OTC is an awesome assemblage of booths, reps, execs, job-seekers, deal-makers, and not without musical entertainment if you're within earshot. A Who's Who of energy companies, large and small, is listed in OTC's 276-page exhibit guide. The latest product lines and games had the potential to stop foot traffic in its tracks. Those companies occupying much of Reliant Park real estate -- Cameron, Siemens and Schlumberger, to name a few -- showcased their technologically savvy displays to the masses.

Here are some highlight…

Move the AddThis Widget to Post Footer in Blogger

Lately I've been doing a minor template makeover on my main blog. One of the changes I made was replacing the default Blogger share buttons with the AddThistoolbar.

An issue I found with the default code was that the widget was being inserted on top of the post footer box instead of inside it like so:

Here is how to alter the code to have the widget placed inside of your post footer.

Go to your dashboard > layout > and Edit the HTML/Javascript widget

Find the following line of code near the bottom:


and change it to this:


And the widget should appear in your post footer like below:

To get the widget to appear after the first line use this code instead:


And it will show up like this:

Hopefully someone will find this useful.

Who Got Game? ‘Discover Cameron’ for iPad rocks

“Discover Cameron” has evolved in a way that is cutting-edge, effective and fun for everyone.

The “Discover Cameron” game for iPad was unveiled during OTC from April 30 to May 3, another incarnation of the popular campaign for the Houston-based company.

A generation or two back in the day, when pinball machines were all the rage, physically manipulating the pinball by lifting or shaking the machine would cause the game to go into “tilt” mode. That meant points could no longer be scored, the flippers went dead, and the machine would not reset until the ball would make its way to a hole at the bottom and a new ball was cued up to resume play.

The “gaming” baton has since passed from pinball to video games, with increasing sophistication. Nintendo's Wii made movement in video games so cool that physical therapists use it as part of treating patients. Fast-forward to the iPad, a device through which Axiom and Cameron have collaborated to produce a game that features moving a red ball abo…

Axiom Tops Field With 20 Crystal Award Nominations

For the third consecutive year, Axiom leads the field with 20 of its projects becoming juried finalists for the Houston chapter of the American Marketing Association’s 2012 Crystal Awards.

Submissions for Crystal Awards must include an essay addressing five criteria: situation/challenges; objectives; strategy/tactics; message alignment; and results. The latter is given double weight toward an entry’s overall score. Crystal Award judges are marketing professionals from outside the Houston area.

AMA Houston is the nation’s largest chapter and one of the most competitive. It has been named Chapter of the Year five times since 2004. In 2011, Axiom tallied the most best-in-category Crystal Award wins as well as the most juried finalists.

This year, Axiom’s work has been recognized across 15 categories. Best-in-category Crystal Award winners will be announced May 17 at AMA Houston’s 26th annual Crystal Awards ceremony at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston.

Axiom’s AMA Crystal Award Finalists