LG's webOS smart TV said to retain card

Following a report from earlier this month that claimed that LG will finally show off its webOS-powered television at CES 2014 next month, some additional details of LG's plans have made their way online. A source speaking to The Wall Street Journal says that LG's webOS TV will feature the same card-based user interface that webOS has been known for since its inception. Interestingly, the tipster went on to claim that LG could end up developing webOS and using it with its other electronics, including smartphones.

It's been quite a while since we've seen any new webOS products, so it's kind of exciting to hear that LG will be taking the wraps off of its webOS-powered TV next month. That's especially now that we've gotten word that LG's flavor of webOS will retain the card-based navigation system that is one of the platform's trademark features.

Perhaps even more intriguing than LG's webOS TV, though, is the possibility that the Life's Good crew will continue work on webOS and perhaps even use it on future smartphone hardware. Despite the fact that the platform was pretty well-received by critics, webOS never gained much traction with consumers and eventually met an abrupt end when HP announced that it'd be discontinuing operations on webOS hardware in late 2011. Obviously webOS would have a lot of ground to make up to catch up with the likes of Windows Phone and BlackBerry, to say nothing of the gap between it and Android/iOS, but it'd definitely be interesting to see what kind of webOS hardware LG could cook up and how the platform would perform when given a second chance.

What do you think of webOS? Would you consider checking out an LG-made webOS phone if the company were to come out with one?


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