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Axiom's new HQ gets kudos from Houston media

Now that the dust has settled for Axiom, which moved into its new residence at 1702 Washington Ave. on Feb. 27, word about the historic Fire Station No. 6 in Houston's Sixth Ward is spreading like ... well, wildfire.

In a good way, of course. On Thursday, Pat Hernandez of KUHF-FM 88.7 (Houston Public Radio/NPR) visited Fire Station No. 6 and was impressed with its restoration. He interviewed Axiom President Tom Hair for a segment that aired during drive time on Thursday evening and Friday morning, and is posted on the KUHF website.

The next day, Whitney Radley of CultureMap, Houston's go-to source for what's hip in Houston, stopped in for a tour. She was the first reporter to stand on the roof of the building, which offers a coveted view of downtown Houston.

Plus, a groundswell of responses to our Facebook page has emerged, along with a few tweets @axiomcreative.

Honestly, it's an exciting time to be here at Fire Station No. 6.

Stay tuned.


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“Discover Cameron” is dealt an ACE Award by BMA’s New York chapter

What started a year ago as an initiative to produce a new look and message for how Houston-based Cameron (NYSE: CAM) presented itself in the marketplace has gained national attention.

“Discover Cameron,” the interactive collaboration by Axiom and Cameron’s marketing team, won third place in the Event Marketing Trade Show category at the Business Marketing Association’s ACE awards in New York, BMA executive director Ned Clausen announced on Monday.

Entries from the U.S., Canada and Asia were submitted in more than 60 categories. Judges for this year’s competition included representatives from Leo Burnett, Young & Rubicam, Google, Verizon, Motorola and Forbes. The 30th annual ACE Awards ceremony will be held April 18 in New York.

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Cameron’s Will Leadoff Speaker at Rice Marketing Symposium

Cameron VP of marketing and strategy Edward E. Will was the first of a heavy-hitting lineup of speakers who addressed a crowd of nearly 300 business school students and industry professionals in attendance at the 2012 Rice Marketing Symposium on Friday.

Will, a graduate of Harvard Business School and a key member of Cameron's executive team since 1998, shared with the audience his company's transition from executing marketing initiatives by individual business units to an enterprise-wide brand. Will pointed to the award-winning “Discover Cameron” interactive campaign, a collaboration between Cameron’s marketing team and Axiom, Cameron’s agency of record since 2005, as the latest example of a unified marketing message across Cameron's multiple business units.

He identified quality and customer satisfaction as priorities in strengthening Cameron's position in the marketplace. He also addressed the potential role of social media in B2B marketing, but cautioned that it may b…

7 Tactics to Kickstart Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

2012 is the year that mobile marketing goes mainstream. More than 3 million iPad 3’s were sold over its first weekend. Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous throughout society and the business world. And now, mobile marketing, which has long had a foothold in the consumer realm, will really come to the forefront of most B2B marketers with a sense of urgency that might catch even the most seasoned of pros off-guard.

Below are seven tactics that will help B2B marketing directors and executives make smart choices when embarking on their first mobile marketing campaign or project; whether it's a responsive + mobile website, a mobile web app, or a full-on app that's to be distributed through an app store, or a print campaign that helps bridge the gap between traditional ads, social media and mobile marketing.

1) For your first mobile project, go for easy wins. If you work for a Fortune 500 company and the first mobile project you are proposing is migrating your company's 50,000+ pa…