Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Launching Early December

Samsung's first crack at virtual reality is about a month from hitting your eyeballs. The company announced its Gear VR Innovator Edition headset today (Nov. 12), which will pair up with your Galaxy Note 4 to provide a variety of immersive experiences when it arrives in early December.

Using the Note 4's quad HD screen as its display, the Gear VR's slick black-and-white design straps to your head to envelop you in whatever game, video or virtual performance you feel like losing yourself in. Samsung has a range of big-name content partners for the device, so you'll be able to do things such as explore Marvel's Avengers Tower, watch a Cirque du Soleil performance or enjoy a first-person version of Temple Run when you wear one.

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The Gear VR Innovator Edition provides a 96-degree field of view, and uses an accelerator and gyrometer as well as geomagnetic and proximity sensors to interact realistically with VR apps and games. The headset sports physical Back and volume control buttons, as well as a touchpad for navigation.

Gear VR is co-developed by Oculus, and, as such, utilizes a proprietary Oculus interface when being used with your Note 4. From the interface, you'll be able to watch virtual movies in Oculus Cinema, browse media in Oculus 360 Videos and Photos mode or get new apps via Oculus Store. Other big names providing Gear VR content include DreamWorks, music game company Harmonix and music video group Vevo, so you should be able to enjoy a healthy amount of entertainment upon the headset's launch.

We still don't know exactly when in December the Gear VR Innovator Edition will launch, or for how much, though a previous rumor suggests a price of $200. We're hoping its final price falls under the semi-affordable range; using one requires a Galaxy Note 4, which starts at $300 with a two-year contract. We enjoyed our early hands-on time with the highly anticipated headset, and look forward to playing some real-life Temple Run for our full review.

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