50% of teens bored of Facebook as the social network loses its 'cool' factor

Businesses may need to start looking at social networks other than Facebook to reach new users, suggests a new report released by GlobalWebIndex.

Tumblr's active user based grew by a whopping 120% in the past six months, while Facebook's grew by just 2%. In terms of overall member figures, Pinterest saw the biggest growth rising 57% compared to Facebook's 6%.

However, Facebook's lower figures are not surprising given it's the worlds largest and most-used social network - growth can no longer be expected to be exponential but instead slowing and gradual.

However, GlobalWebIndex's figures do suggest that Facebook is experiencing a drop in the number of younger demographics using the social network, mostly among 16-24 year olds. Two-thirds of the youngest sector of that group say they are now using Facebook less. They are not leaving Facebook, but just using it less. Around a third (37%) of Facebook users overall, and 50% of teenagers, said they are simply bored with Facebook. Fifteen percent of teenagers said they were using Facebook less because their parents are on the network.

However, none of the figures suggest that Faceook will be disappearing from the Internet any time soon.

'It's something that needs to be kept under watch, obviously, but these trends are hardly reflective of a social network that's 'dead and buried' or suffering widespread desertion,' writes Jason Mander on the GlobalWebIndex blog. 'Facebook is just too ingrained within the fabric of the Internet (single sign-ons, Like buttons, mobile OS) to become irrelevant any time soon.'

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