Bids rise up to $34 billion as the FCC sells out unlicensed spectrum

The last time when the Federal Communications Commission went on to auction a wireless spectrum, the turnaround was very small. The 2014 Wireless spectrum license auction has been nothing like the last one. The auction for the unlicensed wireless spectrum held by the FCC reached a whooping $34 billion in bids. This is by no means a small issue as none of the involved parties were expecting such a turn around. It is clear to all that all the major wireless service providers are in dire need to expand their spectrum bandwidth to provide their customers with a better service.

The auction held by the Federal Communications Commissions saw major service providers and carriers like Verizon and AT&T, come out all guns blazing to acquire more of the unlicensed wireless spectrum. The experts believe that the major companies should have thought about such circumstances and sealed some of the unlicensed wireless spectrum, when the FCC set up an auction in the year 2008. It seems that major carriers are not ready to make the same mistake again. Even, the Federal Communications Commission is overwhelmed with the kind of reactions that the auction has received.

The growth in the network communications sector is to be reasoned for this outburst among the major carriers to obtain maximum wireless spectrum. With the bids already reaching $34 billion, it will be sensible to make way for more bids as no one will be ready to leave their counterparts easy breathing space.

The auction is being held by the Federal Communications Commissions to manage the upsurge in the sector of both wireless communications and live video streaming. According to normal people, such auction events should be conducted more often as they ultimately add to the government coffers and thus returned back to the taxpayers.


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