Apple will stop production of iPhone 5C next year

According to Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times, Apple will stop making the iPhone 5C at some point halfway through 2015. The report says that Wistron and Foxcon, the manufacturers of iPhone 5C, will taper off production by mid-2015. The 5C was introduced last year as a lower-cost option with fewer features after Apple released iPhone 5S. It started off costing $99 but is now available for purchase for free when users buy a two-year contract on the 8GB edition (which was brought out in March 2013).

No one knows the reason why they're stopping production of the iPhone 5C, but it's not unusual for Apple to phase out old products. In September, the tech company introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; the 5S will still be available for a minimum of $99.

At first, 5C sales failed to meet expectations, but even Tim Cook admits that it was never meant to be a cheap phone despite its subsidized price.


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