Japanese Xbox boss resigns after two months of dismal sales

Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui has resigned from his position, taking a new role with Microsoft in the US, following the Xbox One's dreadful local launch.

The Xbox One launched in Japan in September to much derision from the Internet, thanks to widely-shared photos of empty queues and untouched launch stock. The console has sold through just 38,000 units so far, and is not even managing 1,000 sales per week now.

About 23,000 of these sales occurred in the first four days, which was a bad sign even before things slowed down. For comparison's sake, the Wii U and PS4 both made over 300,000 Japanese sales in their first two days.

The Xbox One is even tracking behind the Xbox 360, and that console was a notorious failure on the Japanese market. Not much change this generation, then, which is bad news for Xbox One owners who enjoy Japanese games. Good thing the Xbox One is doing okay elsewhere; it might not have the same numbers as the PS4 (yet?) but it recently reached 10 million units shipped.


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