Can Roku TV Compete With The Competition?

Roku TV has its work cut out for them as comparisons with other like devices are giving consumers a better glimpse into what service is the best.

First of all, Roku TV is an USB stick that allows for pulling in streaming television via one's computer. Various networks are available and each device, be it Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick, have options and networks the others might not. Additional issues are uptime, streaming without jerky or cutoff video, options, and content.

Although Google was first with the streaming stick thing, Roku TV has caught up in the industry. It's like every big company and its brother has a streaming stick out or on the way. To beat the competition, the companies vie for exclusive content, better streaming service and whatever it takes to get the customers to buy in. These sticks aren't expensive either. They're small, easy to carry and deliver quite a punch if you're into watching the mainstream and selective networks each stick provides.

The big three streaming sticks then are Google's Chromecast, Roku TV, and Amazon's Fire TV Stick. They plug into your television's HDMI port and are powered by an USB adapter. Each has the popular movie streaming and television streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. Without those big three neither one would even be a wanted option at all.

The first problem with Roku TV is that it's more expensive than the other two and generally retails for around $50. Roku has tons of apps as they've been around for quite some time now. Roku TV does beat out in having HBO Go. If you're a Comcast customer however, the HBO Go app won't work. It's weird also that Roku TV supports Amazon Prime Instant but Chromecast doesn't. Of course Amazon's Fire TV Stick does the best where Amazon content is concerned.

Spotify is also on Roku and sports fans will be delighted that WatchESPN and NFL are on Roku but misses out on UFC. Roku does however have the most sports apps. You won't find a plethora of games on Roku either. That's an area that Roku TV had better shore up and fast.

The bottom line is that Roku TV is a good bargain even if it costs a bit more than the competition. It has over 1,000 apps to its credit and lots of content. Not only that but it's been a reliable service for some time now. Improvements in streaming technology can only mean they'll get better and with the scream for new and exclusive content by streaming networks, Roku has the opportunity to really maintain their status at the top.

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