Jaguar Land Rover's new infotainment system gains voice control

When Jaguar Land Rover's InControl system becomes available throughout the brand's full lineup in 2016 (currently only 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE and Land Rover's have it), it'll be equipped with its latest feature: voice control. The British company has just launched a voice command program called justDrive (developed by Silicon Valley startup CloudCar) that drivers can use for hands-free access of InControl apps (like Spotify, Yelp and Twitter). It can also be used to text or call contacts, or even to send them the user's location on a map using natural language. Despite being designed for vehicles, justDrive is actually a smartphone app -- one simply has to connect that phone to the infotainment system via Bluetooth and USB every time s/he wants to use voice control. After connecting the phone, the dash will show a simple interface with large short-cut buttons (check out CNET's hands-on experience to understand what we're saying) to minimize distraction while driving.

The JustDrive app can only be installed on iOS8 for now, but Android users will have access to the voice control program next year -- presumably by the time the other InControl apps arrive on all 2015 Jaguar and Land Rover models. But, what about the company's high-tech windshield display, you ask? Sadly, there's still no word on when it'll come out, and we'll likely be waiting for it for a long, long time. Sigh.

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