Much like the launch of the Nexus 4, T-Mobile may carry the Nexus 5 the same day it's launched via the Play Store. According to one Redditor, their local store is confident they'll have the device. When prompted, the store employee hinted it would be much the same scenario as last year.

According to the post, the store employee seemed confident they'd have the device. They noted it would be available same-day, and run a little more than the Play Store would sell it for. If the store employee's confidence can be trusted, we should expect that there has been internal dialogue from T-Mobile corporate regarding the device.

The device seems to be ready for final destinations, as one Twitter user claims to already have his Nexus 5, and has been posting about it copiously. While he doesn't get into performance much, and has oddly covered the FCC info at the bottom of the rear of the device, it does indicate the newest addition to the Nexus family is in the wild, probably sporting a final build of Android 4.4. He also hints at a November 1st release date, but there is no other indication that will be the case.

This all coincides with news that nearly every Google app is primed for an update, and sitting in wait. With all guns pointing at a release, it seems we could get an announcement soon, if not the device. The lucky twitter user is also Irish, and Nexus devices typically launch stateside before migrating elsewhere in the world. We are now wondering if we'll see a worldwide rollout, or if he just got his hands on something he maybe shouldn't have.


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