'Titanfall' Exclusive To Microsoft, Definitely Not Coming To PS4

There's a rumor going around that Titanfall, EA's upcoming mech shooter from Respawn Entertainment, is a timed exclusive for Microsoft platforms, and will eventually make its way to the PS4. That rumor, EA emphasized during its earnings call, is not true. Titanfall is a pure exclusive for Xbox One, Windows and Xbox 360, and will not be heading to Sony's new system.

Some thought that Microsoft's Major Nelson had dodged the question in a Reddit AMA, leading to some people thinking the game wasn't as exclusive as it seemed. In reality, it was just because a Microsoft representative can't speak definitively for another company.

'As far as being an exclusive that's really a question for Titanfall,' he had said. 'I'm not worried about it though.'

Microsoft likely paid some good money to keep this game on its own systems. Making modern games is a costly endeavor, and third-party developers typically need to cast a wide net to recoup expenses. Limiting your audience without good reason is not something that a developer needs on its first outing, so we can assume that Respawn has a pretty good reason.

If that is the case, it's money well spent. Exclusives are far and away the biggest difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 and, so far, nothing is jumping off of virtual store shelves screaming 'buy me.' Titanfall, however, seems to be generating the most hype of any next-gen title, and PS4 doesn't have anything to match it yet. Xbox is well-established as a system for shooters, both due to Xbox Live and its controller, and getting exclusivity on the first big, new shooter to hit next-gen is a major win. I don't see Killzone: Shadow Fall generating the same sort of excitement.

In Titanfall, players control soldiers who can either jump around and fight it out on their won, or jump into huge, nimble mechs that behave like slightly less agile versions of the little guys. It's fast paced, vertically dense and from what I've seen, capable of producing some real moments of triumph when you go on a succesful run in a mech or take one down from the ground. It's got the pedigree of the shooter legends behind Call of Duty - if Respawn can make lightning strike twice, it gives the Xbox One a serious feather in its cap.

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