Google Now Drops on Windows and Mac

Just under two months after its announcement to Google Chrome's notification center, Google Now's integration into Chrome has come to an end. Google Now is a service from which you are kept updated on the current events surrounding your area and / or what you're interested in, and the desktop version was initially released back in early-February for users who were utilizing Chrome Beta. After its period of testing, the sevice is now available to a wider audience.

Almost identical to what already shows on Android and iOS, the Google Now cards will show up on Chrome's notification panel on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Google has been reported to state that it'll start rolling out the service today and will finish over the next few weeks. To use Google Now, you'll need an Android or an iOS device with the Google Search app installed and tied with your Chrome browser under the same account. To get started with using Google Now, you'll need to head on over to its how-to guide and select your respective service out of Android or iOS, where you'll be provided with instructions on how to integrate with the service.


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