BlackBerry Wins Court Against Ryan Seacrest's Typo

(Photo : REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton) BlackBerry won the case against Typo Products LLC.

Last Friday, BlackBerry Ltd won the preliminary injunction to prevent Typo Products LLC, Ryan Seacrest's company, from selling a $99 iPhone case after the overriding judge said that Typo Products LLC had infringed on BlackBerry's patents, Reuters reports.

BlackBerry filed a case against the company for offering a physical keyboard that consumers can attach to their iPhone 5 models.

Judge William Orrick, U.S. District Judge in San Francisco, stated that the Canadian mobile phone creator proved the 'likelihood' of the infringement that Typo committed. He also said that Typo was not able to sufficiently provide their own patents on the said product.

As a result, Typo has been prohibited from selling the keyboard to the public.

'BlackBerry is pleased that its motion for a preliminary injunction against Typo Products LLC was granted. This ruling will help prevent further injury to BlackBerry from Typo's blatant theft of our patented keyboard technology,' a spokeswoman for BlackBerry said in an email.

Typo said that they were greatly disappointed by the results of the hearing and they would file an appeal. The company added that BlackBerry's arguments were weak and they 'lacked merit.'

'Typo will continue to make and sell innovative products that busy people can't live without,' the company said in a statement.

Olivier Taillieu, Typo's lawyer, said that this may just be a way for BlackBerry to monopolize the keyboard market. He added that this is a strategy of the company to claim keyboard designs from other companies, Bloomberg reports.

Since BlackBerry's popularity has been overrun by iPhone and Samsung, they are catching on to their sales target.

'The Q10 by and large was a failure' and 'has literally not sold,' Taillieu said. BlackBerry 'hasn't provided any evidence of nexus between the keyboard and the commercial success of this device,' he continued.

The lawyer reiterated that the verdict was unjust and that Typo did not plagiarize the design.

'Typo didn't copy the BlackBerry keyboard and is a 'grain of sand' compared to BlackBerry's,' he said.

'BlackBerry's problems are not related to Typo,' Taillieu said. 'We don't believe Typo is the reason for any loss of sales to BlackBerry.'

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