Microsoft Windows XP Users Offered $100, But There Is A Catch; What Is It?

First Posted: Mar 29, 2014 05:21 PM EDT

Microsoft is currently offering its Windows XP users $100, but there's a catch.

Those who are eligible for the latest Microsoft deal can only redeem the store credit if they agree to update to a new Windows 8 computer.

This $100 promotion is part of Microsoft's attempt to get the last remaining Windows XP users off of the old operating system and into the hands of Microsoft's latest PCs. Windows XP currently stands as a 13-year-old Microsoft operating system.

Starting April 8, Microsoft will no longer make security updates to viruses and exploits to Windows XP.

Users that opt to participate in the promotion can redeem the credit online or in stores so long as they can verify that they do in fact own a Windows XP. Once verified, users will be able to purchase Microsoft PCs ranging in prices from $599 to $2,229. The offer ends June 15 and includes 90 days of free technical support.

Currently, Windows XP users make up approximately 30 percent of all Windows users while Windows 8 has recently moved past 10 percent market share. XP users who choose to participate in the deal could create a big payday for Microsoft.

Microsoft describes their newest Windows as 'familiar made better.' Its features include a new task manager and streamlined file management.

The operating system also allows custom setting of your start screen.

'Photos, news from friends, your favorite apps and sites-put what's most important to you on your Start screen. Choose your colors and move stuff around until it's just the way you like it,' Microsoft boasts on their site.

Similar to the Apple iCloud, Microsoft's Windows 8 features the SkyDrive that provides users with free online storage already built in to the new Windows. SkyDrive is accessible at any time through any device, including devices that are non-Windows.

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