Mozilla employees call for CEO Brendan Eich's resignation; 3 board members ...

Within one week of Brendan Eich's appointment as the new Mozilla CEO, the tech firm's employees are calling for his resignation; after reports highlighted the fact that Eich had made a donation to an anti-LGBT campaign in 2008.

The Mozilla employees' call for Eich's resignation stems from the revelation that Eich had, in 2008, contributed an amount of $1,000 in support of California's Proposition 8 campaign which opposed same-sex marriage.

According to a recent The Telegraph report, Eich's controversial donation was discovered on a public database in 2012; with Mozilla named as his employer.

Though Eich's donation to the Proposition 8 initiative stirred a controversy in April 2012, much of the criticism surrounding his donation subsided last year. However, the controversy resurfaced again this week after Eich was appointed as the new CEO of Mozilla.

Ever since his appointment, Eich's colleagues - who consider that his anti-LBGT stance goes against the company's philosophy - have been calling for his resignation via Twitter post which reads: 'I'm an employee of @mozilla and cannot reconcile having @BrendanEich as CEO.' The users who tweeted against Eich included Chris McAvoy, the chief of Mozilla's Open Badges project.

Meanwhile, amid calls for Eich's resignation, three members of the Mozilla board - two former Mozilla CEOs Gary Kovacs and John Lilly, and Shmoop CEO Ellen Siminoff - have reportedly stepped down.


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