how to customize blog tag cloud

                    If your blog is success in heavy traffic there is a secret behind is called as "tags".All your posts in blog are grouped & arranged by their tags to find them easily for visitors.And the other thing ,visitors will stay on your blog if posts arranged well by their tags.Since, the default Labels Widget of Blogger Platform does not have a clean and elegant look. Therefore, we have to customize it with the help of CSS.

See here the difference between the old tag cloud and the customized   tag cloud.

How to customize the Tag cloud 

   follow the below steps carefully.
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard >>Add a gadget >> Tag
  • Now customize the gadget settings as below screen shot.

                 select display settings as "cloud"
       then uncheck the Show number of posts per label.

             then get ready to customize the tag cloud which you added.
  • Go to blogger dashboard >> Template 
  • Don't forget to backup your template before make any changes on html.
  • Then Edit HTML >> search for the ]]></b:skin> (press ctrl+F and paste that code in to the search box )
copy & paste below code above ]]></b:skin> 

To Change the Hover Color Replace #ff0; with any color according to the desire needs.
To increase/decrease the font size replace 14px according to your needs.

Now save the template.


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