6 Effective Ways To Encourage Your Readers Leave Comment On You Blog

                   blogger get pissed off when they published an article and didn’t receive any comment/feedback on the article. The first question that will come to the mind of such person is Who The Hell Is Reading This Article? and this might pull them back and they may later ignore blogging after this happening for almost half of their articles.

Bellow I will be listing 6 Effective Ways One Can Increase/Encourage Readers To Comment On Their Blogs.

Lets get started. Read carefully and don’t forget your comment at the end of this article is mostly welcomed.

1. Ask Your Readers To Comment
The most easiest way to gain comments is by asking your readers to leave a comment before they leave. Make sure at the end of your post, you ask your readers to leave a comment before leaving and make it clear that comments are greatly appreciated.

2. Be Responsive / Always Respond To All Comments.
By Responding to new comments in your blogs, this entise the commenters to keep commenting and this looks like a conversation between you and the readers. If someone comments, NEVER forget about it. It is important to make sure you comment back as soon as you can. The more you make your readers feel appreciated, the better relationship you will have with them.

3. Make Your Blog Commenting Easier
The Most Annoying things in commenting on a blog is to be commenting on a post and getting stucked, Make sure your comment settings are correct and make it easy to see. The easier it is for your readers to comment, the more likely they are commenting.

4. Ask Your Readers Questions!
Asking of questions within your post makes your readers go along with you and your post and make your conversation with them becomes more viral, Be very sure to ask questions within your post. Everyone has an opinion, so let them know you are looking forward to hearing about theirs!

5. Keep Your Posts Positive
Writing dry and negative posts are not going to receive a positive reactions. It is important to keep posts lively, positive and humorous.

6. Interact With Others
Don’t be an introvert be very social, interact with other bloggers, If you want others to comment on your blogs, start commenting on theirs! If you start interacting with others, they are sure to do the same.

                With the above listed ways, I’m very sure your blog will receive more comments in the next coming week, and note that commenting on other bloggers blog doesn’t mean your should start bombasting their comment form with bundles of spammy links, wise comment receive wise privilege.

What do you think on this just finish reading article? Share your thought bellow and if you get any other ways, let us know through the comment form bellow.



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