increase your twitter followers by yourself up to 500 daily

                                                  Are you looking for increase your  follow list easily?When you followed someone's twitter your status were not updated in their twitter.So you must use follow exchange service.I am introducing to you a successful way to earn followers easily up to 500+ daily which I used.

    firstly go through below link
now you can see window like this
     click on the sign in with twitter button and sign in from your twitter account

then the other important thing before collect seeds clicking go to profiles >> twitter >> Seeds
see below picture guide

 then set seed as 2 or 3.don't set it in high limit .After saving your setting click on people tab and 
let's start collect seeds by clicking follow button

             you can see increase your seeds when you clicking follow more pop windows easy to earn seeds .earn more and more seeds and wait few seconds.
log in to your twitter account see amount of the followers .you can see increased it from high value.
Enjoy with your twitter !!!
If you have trouble comment and ask.


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