top 5 tips to improve your alexarank

                                     The common thing in SEO optimization and in page rank is content. Content is the king and if you are publishing good content then you don't have to work on Alexa rank and page rank because they will automatically increase day by day. Alexa rank updates daily and in page rank it take some months to update page rank. So, lets start the tutorial :)

What is Alexa Rank ?

Alexa is owned by the which used to rank the website using website’s traffic, look, performance and backlinks.

1. Content is king

Blog/website’s content plays the key role in the alexa ranking. Always publish fresh and unique content. Never publish copied content because it will decrease your alexa rank and your AdSense account will got disabled.

2. Use Alexa Rank toolbar

The newbie blogger might not know that alexa rank is getting updated daily so to check the change in the alexa rank is better install alexa rank toolbar in to the your browser. Alexa rank is the best way to monitor the status of the blog and website.

3. Promote your website

The Another best way to improve your alexa rank is to publish guest content on other’s blogs. There are many bloggers who accepts the guest post and they will offer the rich back link for your blog so guest posts will help you to build the rich backlink.

4. Be Consistent

A best blog is not the one which contains the huge content, it is the with consistent effective writings. You should not publish article when its ready, you should have time table to publish your article it helps alexa to improve your rank and it will make your website SEO friendly. And Publish regularly and people will realize that you are best in your blog’s niche.

5. Add alexa rank widget

You should add the alexa rank widget in to your blog/website. You have to show off your alexa rank to your visitor so visitors will realize that your website content is great and it will subscribe to your website. Hence your subscribers will increase.

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