add your blog post to all facebook groups & pages which you liked at once

                                      After  I started my blog I was searching tricks & tips to how increase my blog traffic.In the last I found how earn traffic through facebook.Today I'm going to share it with you without any mistakes.Firstly start you own facebook fan page for your blog or website.Normally you can use networked blogs app to update your post on fan page automatically.If anyone want to know about it please leave me a comment and I will  describe it clearly.
            And the other method of using facebook to grow traffic for your web/blog is use facebook groups.You can join to  facebook groups which have lot of members and post your blog post link on them.(If you want links of facebook groups having lot of members leave comment with your email.)

                    The normal method of posting link of your blog/web is very lazy and hard work.
Do you like to add your blog post to them at one click?
     follow this steps one by one.

First go here  and log in to Facebook.
Then go here to start your work.
Now you can see page like this

                Click on f Connect to sing in with it from your facebook.
After that follow below steps carefully

1. add a message which you want to appear with your must be eye catching 
2.  link of the blog post 
3.   add a link of picture which you want to appear with your blogpost
4.  add your name here
5.  add a heading for your post 
6.  add description about your post.

                      then you can see below the boxes there are pages ,groups and friends which you have.Now choose pages ,groups and friends to add your post on them.after selecting click on the green button for post it.

Try it & Enjoy !!


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