iPod Classics Going For Over $1000

by 2Paragraphs in Daily Edition | December 10, 2014

Disney is always threatening consumers by withdrawing its classic titles from production for five years or so, warning parents that if they don't by that Snow White DVD now their kids may hit puberty without seeing it. It's an old business strategy of manufacturing scarcity. But Apple doesn't seem to have had that in mind at all when it announced the end of its iPod Classic MP3 player-the device's time had simply come. But the effect has been largely the same. People want what they may not be able to get in the future-and they're willing to pay.

The Classic had 160GB of space, which is far greater capacity than what's still being made. And so the sales of the iPod Classic have been lighting up eBay. More than 3,000 iPod Classic have been sold on eBay since October, when Apple announced the end of the device, according to Business Insider. The iPod Touch will have to do for those who can't grab a classic at auction, but the Touch can't hold nearly as much. Is all that storage passé in the wireless world we live in? Not for the people who want their music in their own vaults, right in their own pockets.


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