Secure Messaging Apps Gaining in Healthcare

Designed specifically for enterprise, TigerText unvieled new capabilties to its mobile app that feature an enhanced user interface, frictionless onboarding process and advanced reporting capabilities. With TigerText, organizations can enable secure and compliant communication between employees, as well as with clients and associates outside the company. Its new features are tailored to meet the needs of industries such as finance, government, and legal-helping them comply with government regulations by providing a solution tailored to today's mobile workforce. 'With more than 65% of working professionals in the United States sending and receiving over two dozen text messages per day, outdated communication channels are quickly being replaced by more efficient and secure ways of communicating,' said Brad Brooks, CEO and co-founder of TigerText. 'Enterprises need to adopt mobile technologies that are collaborative, instantaneous and offer enterprise-grade security.'App Capabilities TigerText's latest release adds key enhancements to the app and platform's performance with advanced reporting and improved usability. It also introduces a real-time reporting interface, which delivers transactional metadata for every message sent-without including any actual message content so all conversations remain private. With these new capabilities, customer administrators can track the date or date range when messages were sent, delivered and read, whether a message was recalled, forwarded and more. It also includes Trends Reporting-which enables organizations to formulate deeper insights into their employees' adoption and use of secure messaging. 'With TigerText's new reporting capabilities, we're able to track messaging activity in real-time to enforce accountability and gain insights from trending data, while staying compliant with our strict industry standards,' said Faron Thompson, CIO at Scottsdale Health Partners. 'We can now see which features are being used most and which ones are lagging. This allows us to improve productivity and help employees use features that we know will move the organization forward in a secure fashion.' Additional updates include:

Streamlined on-boarding: Faster registration flow gets users started in a few easy steps by intelligently recognizing users and automatically associating them to their organization.

Simplified user interface: Redesigned app interface delivers an intuitive user experience to match popular consumer apps but with an enterprise-focused feature set.

Touch ID support: Instantly unlock and access TigerText messages via Touch ID on iOS devices.

Faster message exchanges: Low Connectivity Protocol (LCP) consumes significantly less bandwidth, ensuring messages can work in environments with poor coverage and impaired bandwidth.

Lower battery consumption: Latest app version requires less energy to send and receive messages, substantially reducing the drain on a device's battery.

Multiple inbox support: Access to multiple TigerText accounts in a single app; new drop-down menu allows users to quickly switch between organizations and respective contact lists.

Manage groups more easily: The centralized console enables administrators to review and manage user access and permissions for the entire organization.


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