PlayStation 4 and Vita finally arrive in China on January 11th

Sony's Playstation 4 and Vita will enter China's marketplace on January 11th, 2015, over three months after the Xbox One arrived there. The consoles will cost 2,899 and 1,299 yuan respectively (about $470 and $210), considerably less than the Xbox One's 3,699 yuan sticker ($600), sans Kinect. Sony also announced four upcoming titles specifically for the Chinese market, in line with its commitment to provide 'healthy games that are suitable to China's national conditions... as according to the relevant government policies.' It's working with a Chinese partner called OPCD and likely had to make such concessions to smooth the way for the PS4 and Vita, since consoles have been 'banned' in the nation (though still easy to import) for nearly 12 years. In addition, the games may require government approval prior to release.

Imported games not made in China may also be censored or completely incompatible with the Chinese consoles. Sony will provide full service for the consoles together with its partner. Early Xbox One sales in the nation were weak, despite an enthusiastic reception by fans at launch. Sony appears to have done its homework, however, so it may just continue the trend of eating the Xbox's lunch in China as well.

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