tricks to get more sales and stay long time with fiverr

Hi fiverr sellers,today I'm going to tell you how stay with fiverr for a long time as a rated seller.and also this article will help you for increase your sales.I saw many fiverr beginners worried with their sales.the main thing is they haven't the knowledge to success.If you know the way there is a good future I'm Fiverr for you.So the main thing is looking for the useful things to achieve your target.
           I want to say that I hadn't a lot of knowledge about that I tried every moment search about it and learn about it.Just think about this.spend 10 minutes for check fiverr gigs which have best rates.I'm sure you can get some idea to "what you can do in fiverr".there are something that you will never thought about them.everyone have talent but they don't know about will better that I describe my ideas one by one.

Stay with fiverr forum

              Fiverr forum is very important place you must visit if you are a fiverr user as the seller or buyer.Sometimes you can get help from it to promote your gigs.I also got the support from fiverr forum to increase sales of my gigs.many fiverr users have connected with fiverr forum and articles about fiverr tricks are updated can post your problem on that forum and get the best results from top rated sellers.So stay with fiverr forum and visit continuously as  you can.Here is the link to visit fiverr forum

best customer support

                    The main thing is that you can become a rated seller in fiverr is your buyers.Keep their trust on you as a positive way.After you completing order when delivering tell him that you will fix any kind of problems about your deliver. that method is very useful for the sellers who make gigs for graphic deign/photoshop.I got 8 orders from one buyer.The secret is quality of the delivery and the communication with buyer.

late deliveries are affected to your sales

                If you are doing 24 hours delivery orders gigs on fiverr keep your gigs with express delivery mark.I saw it from my own gig.When it in express gig position I got orders more orders but after loose it there is some problems in receiving orders.
                          The other thing is how many positive feedbacks which you have.Try get a positive feedback for every orders.Tell it for your buyer kindly.


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