A beginner’s guide to the Samsung GALAXY S4

      Hi friends!After few days I'm going to talk again Samsung galaxy S4.I updated some useful articles about Samsung galaxy S4 and finally I thought give some introduce to new galaxy S4 users.It's like a guide also.If you are going to buy a Samsung galaxy S4 mobile you will get some help from this article.And also you are a new user of galaxy S4.

1. Speed is of the essence

The Samsung GALAXY S4 features a true world-first: a blisteringly fast processor that will cut through the latest 3D graphics-intensive Android games like a sharp knife through room-warmed butter.
Samsung’s latest processor will handle the most demanding web browsing and processor-intensive video rendering needs, while also ensuring you get maximum battery life, no matter what you are using your S4 to do.Plus, an impressive 2GB of RAM helps to ensure multitasking is quick, completely painless and highly efficient, with no tedious slowdown when flicking between tasks on your phone.

2. Full HD graphics and a beautiful display

For many it will be the Full HD Super AMOLED 5-inch screen on the GALAXY S4 that really grabs the attention. If you are used to a smaller-screened smartphone, then the jump-up to a sparklingly clear 5-inch Full HD display is a truly pleasant shock to the eye.
In terms of tech specs, Samsung is offering 441 pixels-per-square-inch (ppi), which, for the average user, means one major thing: the S4 is going to be even better than its predecessor, the GALAXY S III, when it comes to watching high def content on your smartphone. It is, essentially, going to be the best mobile screen on the market for some time to come.
Finally, the clever Samsung Adapt Display and sound technology that’s built into the S4 will ensure that you are always getting the ultimate settings for what you require from your smartphone, whether watching a HD movie or simply reading the day’s news on the web.

3. A master-class in mobile movies

If you combine the aforementioned super-speedy processor and the 441-ppi Full HD Super AMOLED display on the S4, there really is one glaringly-obvious application that many of us will be using our new S4’s for when we finally get hold of them later next month: watching movies on the go.
Whether you download movies from Samsung’s Media Hub, stream the latest catch-up TV content or subscribe to your local cable provider’s tailored Android mobile service, the GALAXY S4 has your back.
Plus, in addition to looking fantastic, Samsung has also thought about other ways of improving your mobile movie-watching experience with the S4, adding in a particularly clever little feature called Samsung Smart Pause, which essentially stops any video you are watching when you look away from the phone. Clever, eh?

4. Driving and travelling just got better

With the stunning S Translator and the S4’s voice-commands designed to make driving an easier and more pleasurable experience, Samsung has seen a huge gap in the smartphone market – and clearly plans to fill it with its latest handset.

The GALAXY S4’s S Voice Drive voice command feature connects to your car via Bluetooth, using the phone’s built-in satnav to ensure you know where you are going (and what the weather is like when you get there) and that you can safely make all your calls and deal with all your messages and emails on the journey.
S Translator is even more impressive, a real-time text and voice translator for nine different languages. It’s basically Douglas Adams’ dream of the “Babel fish” that could help you talk to almost anybody else around the world with ease made real! (Note: you will need an active connection to a 3G or 4G data network or local Wi-Fi network to use S Translator.)

5. Home entertainment plays nice with the S4

For many smartphone users to date there has been an unfulfilling disconnect between the entertainment they watch or play on their mobiles and the tunes, movies or games that they want to enjoy while sitting on the couch at home in front of the telly.

The S4 is the first smartphone to fulfil tech’s long-standing promise to bridge this gap, featuring the handy WatchON TV viewer and remote control app. This works seamlessly with Samsung’s HomeSync system to allow you to share the content on your mobile screen with your TV screen at home.

Also, more excitingly, a few choice members of the tech media were treated to a sneak-peek of a console-style controller at last month’s “Unpacked” S4 launch event in New York, a prototype of a thumb-stick-based gaming controller that is bound to appeal to the legions of hardcore gaming fans out there keen to buy into Android as their mobile gaming operating system of choice. Expect lots more news on this exciting-looking mobile gaming peripheral very soon!

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