Increase your site traffic

        Are you a blog beginner?find the methods to increase your blog site traffic within reasonable time?Today I'm going to tell you the success few methods which you must pay your attention while trying increase your site carefully and understand well why they important to increase your daily visitors.

Search engine Optimization 

            First and very important thing is search engine optimization.If you optimize your blog in google search engine and other search engine well then really traffic will visit to your blog through that search engines.How we do it well?SEO is not easy thing and there is many things to do make your blog as well search engine optimized.If you are looking for learn SEO step by step easily thin stay with our weekly updated SEO guide.

Write about useful things for others

          Very successful method that I know from my own experience.Just think like that.You are going to start a blog  under the category  which your favorite one.But if you hope earn with google adsense you must careful when you select the category of your blog .It must be the field which you have a better knowledge about that.If you write articles about what internet users needed then they will find your blog in search engines and stay with your blog for a long time. Lets think if you have a technical blog. then get a idea about latest titles in this 8,nexus 7 etc.then you can write a article about "install windows 8 through a usb hub".then more people interest of that then the large amount of visitors will visit your blog to read it.

Make back-links to your site

            Comment on other high page ranked blogs and the forums with your link. you must careful when commenting for can get better idea from our previous article MAKE SUCCESS BACK-LINKS TO YOUR SITE.

Make your posts with good content

             When you are writing your post keep it mind make a good content for that articles and make it as fresh.Don't use too much information and any other useless things.visitor hope a important details from your if your post having bad content then they will don't pay your attention again for your blog.

Use social media

        Use social media to share your posts and add gadgets to share the articles.Create twitter profile with more followers and facebook page with more fans and use networked blog option to add your post immediately to that social sites.

Use good template to your blog 

            Don't use darker template for your blog with more gadgets.they will affect to your site loading time.If you want stay a high traffic with your bog site my recommend is use fair template with nice font styles.If your blog template is eye-catching one sometimes  it will be the reason  for good traffic.


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