Use right keywords | SEO Guide for beginners -2

                If you are looking for optimize your blog in search engines (SEO) successfully then there is a something you must pay your attention.It's called KEYWORDS.keywords tell to search engines what is your  post content.They work as a summarize in your article.Lets we consider an example.You are going to write a article about making money from internet.then your aim must be write about making money online and in search engines you want to show your article in that field.So how is it happening?
  You need earn more visitors heavy traffic from search engines like Google bing and yahoo etc.but there are lot of articles in the internet under that you must make your article for search engines can find easily your article.for that keywords help you which are on your article.If there are more keywords which people mostly search from search engines then in Google search engine the searching robot find your article through millions of articles.So there is a problem how we  attract Google search engine robot to our article.The secret is use suitable and right keywords in your article.So today I'm going to show you how choose right keywords for earn more visitors for your article.

Choose right keywords using Google Keyword Tool

                      There are lot of keyword tools but the easiest and suitable way to choose right keywords is Google Keyword Tool.Before use it we must get a idea about it's results and which type of keywords we use.Google is the most popular and main search engine in most of Google Keyword tool shows the results of Google search engine.When you select your keyword get help form below two things.
  1. Have a high search volume - It means this keyword is searched through Google.If you select it your article will be on Google because of that keyword.
  2. Have low competition        - This kind of keyword has small amount of results than it mean that keyword increase the chance to your article being found on Google.
                    Then we will see how working with Google Keyword Tool .  
Lets think you are going to write a article about increase blog traffic.then visit Google Keyword Tool and enter "increase blog traffic " and enter the captcha code like as below picture.
Click on image to clear view
And make match types like below
 After click on search then you will get a result like that after them sort on global monthly searches.
Click on image to clear view
 Then you can see for "website traffic" keyword there is 90,500 global monthly now you can choose the right keyword for your article.
  After you choosing the keyword use it more times on your article.
Enjoy this weekend! See you again in next post.

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