Browse unlimitedly on pc with modem and MTN BIS plan

Dah latest free browsing on pc is here again with only your MTN BIS and modem, this trick was formerly blocked by MTN but now its rocking again. You do not need any VPN or proxy tunneling software for this cheat to work, all you need is just; your modem, MTN Sim card currently on BIS either monthly or weekly any of them will work. If you don't have a blackberry phone; don't worry smileyou don't need a blackberry phone to make this trick work, simply follow the steps below and you are good to go.

here are captured proofs to show its working

You can see my received and sent data, also on the APN am using

see also my credit is still intact

i can do all lots of stuff even read manga online

here you can see my download speed, am actually downloading a 143MB file with ease, web pages opens very fast like folders, unlimited downloads and so on. just follow the steps below and browse for free.

1) Subscribe to any of the mtn bis plans either weekly or monthly, for weekly send BBCWEEK to 21600 it costs #500, for monthly send BBC to 21600 it costs #1500.

2) After you have received a confirmation insert your Sim card into your modem, plug in your modem to your PC.

3) configure your modem with this settings: goto>>tools/settings>>profile management>>add new profile, in the APN section fill in-, profile name- MTN or anything you want, password and username- web.

4) Then head to your Mozilla Firefox change the settings to either "no proxy or use system proxy" any of the two and that is all.

5) Now click on connect on your modem and you are good to go.

As far as I can tell this works with Mozilla 3.01 and upwards, i use Mozilla 17.0, for internet explorer you don't need any configuration, it automatically identifies your proxy setup.
Guys flex this cheat while it lasts, the browsing speed's so fast and download nah die.grin.

Don't forget to say thanks...

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