OS X Mavericks Beta 3 Adds iCloud Keychain, More

Along with iOS 7 beta 3, Apple released OS X Mavericks beta 3 to developers on Monday. The update for the prerelease version of the next Mac operating system added support for the new iCloud Keychain password syncing feature and also addressed several bugs along with compatibility issues.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks beta 3 lands in Mac developer's laps

While beta 3 does fix many issues developers have noted, OS X Mavericks isn't ready for the public and has a long list of problems -- much as you might expect from beta software. There are compatibility issues with many apps, stability problems, and features that simply don't work yet.

Apple showed off OS X Mavericks during its annual World Wide Developer Conference in June. The new OS X version focuses on usability and performance with features such as tabbed Finder windows, system-wide file tagging, better multiple display support, Apple Maps support, better performance and battery life, and more.

OS X Mavericks looks like a great improvement for the Mac operating system, but it isn't ready for prime time yet. It's beta, and that means there will be issues that could pose problems on mission critical Macs. If you do have access to the Mavericks beta, be sure to install it on a test machine so you can avoid the headaches and frustration that go along with lost data and system crashes.

Apple plans to release OS X Mavericks this fall, but hasn't set a launch date yet, or said how much it will cost.


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