T-Mobile will allow customers to pay $10 a month to get early upgrades to new devices twice a year.

NEW YORK CITY -T-Mobile announced a new device upgrade program for its no-contract customers Wednesday that allows its no-contract customers to get their hands on the latest and greatest phones at a subsidized price.

The upgrade program, called Jump, makes it easier for people to upgrade to new devices and pay a lower price instead of replacing their current devices at full price. To participate in the early upgrade program, customers will pay $10 a month and they will be able to upgrade their devices twice per year. The program also works as device insurance and includes protection against malfunction, damage or theft.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced new no-contract plans that requires customers to buy devices at full price. Customers can also pay for devices in monthly installments. But if they leave the T-Mobile service, they must pay the full price of the device.

Some consumers complained that buying devices at full price made it more difficult to get newer devices. CNET first learned of this concept in March, where CEO John Legere said it was still an idea that the carrier was tossing around.


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