Increase your earnings with Fiverr by a amazing gig picture

                            Hi fiverr sellers!Today I'm going to tell you very important method to increase your daily earnings with .If you are new to Fiverr you looking for increase your sales on Fiverr. Sometimes I saw some fiverr beginners haven't any orders but there are lot of gigs.
Fiverr tricks to more sales
When you search on google or something for " what I do for increase sales?'' then you will got every time "share your gig on twitter/facebook ............".But today I'm going to tell you something you can  do when your gig creating and it will very helpful for increase your sales on fiverr.

How it happened?
                          It based on the gig photo which you added.I going to tell the story of success step by step with examples.If you are a fiverr beginner I'm sure you can understand easily what I talk.Firstly think about the importance of the gig photo for your fiverr sales.Just think you went to super market.then there were lot of products in one thing.Lets we consider about the milk products.Then first thing your eyes catch the package having attractive look.It like as what I talk.

                         Then we discuss it with examples.I saw many fiverr beginners have used low quality and useless pictures for there gigs.Look these examples.
fiverr tricks
                                       I got this from banners and headers order page.If you looking for your banner creator do you have any positive feeling about this seller.Look properly the water mark which I highlighted using red.I'm sure hadn't any knowledge about the  fiverr sales.
                                            And then see the below example in same category.
fiverr tricks
                          And visit from that link look the sales within 15 days having 13 positive feedbacks.

                                    So what is  the magic?First thing think what you feel after looking this picture.Colorful picture with attractive colors.First thing you must keep your mind catch buyer's eyes from your picture.use something like above girl picture and add some examples.Second thing is add something about the fiverr.add large fiverr logos and make it with looking  which you love to Fiverr.Then fiverr community will help for your sales and put your gig on first page.
                                      After put it on first page then you can see increase your notification one by one and as same as increase the orders.

which picture you use?
                                           Fiverr hope your picture in the size 600 pixels wide, 370 pixels height in JPEG format.Don't use the copyrighted pictures create it yourself with good quality don't exceed the size 5 MB.Create something using photoshop or purchase a gig for that.If you pay your attention for that I'm sure you can get many orders for your gig.All of them are in my own experience.Try it and I will hope to tell more tricks to increase your sales.


  1. After put it on first page then you can see increase your notification one by one and as same as increase the orders. SEO Services

  2. Hello,

    I seen too may new sellers create new gigs and get on the top page within one or two days. I don't know how they marketing or what tricks they use!!

    Can you please help me, take a look my gigs and tell me what is the problems on my gigs, why they are not on the top pages. Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, Copy and Past, Typing

    Thank You.

  3. all is best i love so much this article tnks ^_^



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