9 Secrets of earning with fiverr for newbies

As you may know; fiver.com is a website where people do jobs for cash, but with the right strategy and information you may not or may earn very little on fiverr. I put together 9 helpful and basic tips to help you earn good revenue with fiverr, these tips are minor facts that might be ignored at first but very active in helping you earn with fiverr.

  1.       You should have a well detailed and descriptive profile- ensure that your profile is well edited and updated with your profile picture as this will increase your chances of attracting clients to your gigs. Use a nice and realistic picture of your self because buyers may want to view the picture of the owner of the tread to decide if you are fit for the job or not. 
  2.   Ensure your gig’s description is well explained- Buyers might just ignore your gigs, if you only fit in short and undetailed descriptions explaining your gig, try to emphasize on the usefulness of your gig with a sure certainty on how you are the perfect one for the job, because you have about 450 max word range to do this.
  3. Ensure your gigs are tasks that can be completed by you- you should create gigs relating to your particular or different areas of expertise, jobs that you can probably see to the end. When jobs are completed you may receive a positive rating from both fiverr and your satisfied client, these rankings can help make your gigs appear on the front page on fiverr platform giving them a better traffic rate.
  4.  Add as many tags as possible as this increases your gig’s chances of being found by buyers 
  5. Add images relating to your gigs as this makes your gigs seem more professional, realistic and decent. Descriptive images can be used in place of pictorial images and vise versa but they should always relate to your gigs. 
  6. Always add video descriptions to your gigs because advertisers may want to see the seller offering the gig in person and this will increase your chances of getting the job. 
  7. Share your gigs on social medias, forums, blogs etc. to attract more buyers to your gig 
  8. Make a list on different services you can offer (this should be on your various areas of expertise) then create as much gigs as possible, if possible on different categories, this will surely increase your chances of getting clients for your gig. 
  9. Above all be truthful while creating gigs and make sure you create gigs you can complete.


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