Paid to write is actually the most straight forward and besides one of the best ways to make money online. You could actually earn a living from writing if you are actually working with the perfect network and also if you are indebted to your work. Some people write for 5 sites at a time, while some choose to write for just 1 or 2 sites in order to keep their focus on a leveled ground. I am not much of a writer though but I write for hubpages and a little for triond… I don’t really think writing is my calling because I don’t actually write because I love writing but because I want to earn from it.

          If you are a good writer then perhaps, chances are that you can earn greatly from writing for these sites below, because to me they are indeed the best sites to write for. Or you could write reviews and earn.

1.    Helium
This site has a collection of good quality articles. They pay very well for a well detailed and good quality article, usually up to $75 up front depending on the quality of the article.

2.    Associated content
For me AC is actually the best leading PTW site on the web because of their large community. And they also offer a good and rewarding payment plans. They pay more for any article written that has never been written or submitted before, in other words, they do not like rewritten articles and will pay you well for a true article written by you.

3.    Triond
This site has a unique operational system and they accept articles on almost any topic. They accept and pay for articles like music, poetry, and videos also. They pay well depending on your article’s quality.

4.    Squidoo
This is a very popular social group. It enables users to create groups and also submit articles and then pay for their writing. Articles here are referred to as ‘lens’. Their payment is based on the number of traffic your article receives. The more views you get the more pay you will get.

5.    Hubpages
Hubpages has a unique way of generating money from your writing. You simply place ads from either publishers, kontera or from google adsense and these ads will be placed on every article that you write. When someone clicks on the ad on one of the articles you write on hubpages then you get the revenue. Articles here are referred to as ‘hubs’.

6.    Suite101
Suite101 has the same earning system as hubpages. They accept only non-fiction articles, where as hubpages accepts both fiction and non-fiction articles. How much you earn depends how much you write and how searchable your articles are.

Constant content pays you for articles that are accepted to their database depending on the subject matter and originality. They also have an affiliate program that earns you up to 5% for any writer you refer.

I have given out a list of very good websites to start with as a writer, now below are bonus websites just incase:


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