Like I said in my previous post, these apps helps make it easy and quite possible to make money from facebook, although it requires consideration and hardwork. Here are some of the apps with which to earn from Facebook:

This app helps you highlight anything you’re selling on ebay.com to your friends on facebook.

This app helps yon create your own store and easily sell any product online through your profile.

With this app you can easily create your own webstore on your profile, upload a logo and sell out stuffs.

You can create your products with dazzle.com and sell them on their website and your facebook profile.

Create a simple store and sell off your items to your friends using this app.

Ether is a website that allows you to make money by giving out advice to people, either through phone or chat. Now it is possible to use their app on facebook.

With lending club you lend money to people and make money from loan.

If you are a musician and would want to sell your own music on your profile, then this app will help you do it.

In association with Buy.com, this app allows you to sell your items on your profile.

Works just like it’s main site Lemonade.com, you easily pick items that you like from a selection of sites, add the widget to your profile and make commission on anything that sells.

This app works with blastmymusic.com Promote several musical acts and earn a 5% commission on their sales.


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