Are you struggling to make some extra money to backup your old job? Are you tired of working hard each time and still earn just a few bucks? Do you want to make some good amount of money without investing? Then I guess freelance job maybe the perfect job you need. A freelancer is simply a person that works for different organizations or companies without being employed by them. The fun about these jobs is that you get to do them whenever you want to, that is you do them at your own convenience and believe me the rewards are great.

A freelance network consists of mostly 3 parties:
·        The employer (posts projects to be done, and pays through the ‘network’ after job has been completed).
·        The freelancer (bids and completes project placed by the employer)
·        The network (connects the employer to the freelancer and vice versa, the network pays the freelancer after job has been done)

Freelance jobs can actually cover up for your daily job or earn you extra income each month. Most top freelancers earn up to $120 a day doing freelance jobs, some earn $500 weekly, yea! Freelance jobs can be a source of great income for starters.

  Here are good freelance networks to start with:

·        Freelancer.com
·        Elance.com
·        Guru.com


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