Take A Look At 'Fallout 4' In 4K

Express.co.ukTake A Look At 'Fallout 4' In 4KForbesBethesda just released a new screenshot of Fallout 4, only this one has a little bit more detail. The company's home page currently has the same image that leaked just before the announcement last week available to download in 4K (one K for each Fallout).Fallout 4 Won't Be On PS3 Or 360, Bethesda SaysKotakuThere Is No Chance Fallout 4 Is Coming To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3Bleeding Cool NewsFallout 4 will not be released on PS3 and Xbox 360Nerd ReactorThe Koalition -Comics Beat -The Inquisitrall 19 news articles »


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