Tech giant Hewlett-Packard yesterday launched a new 3D scanner device aimed at those who work in creative industries like engineers, advertisers and artists. The device named Sprout is an all in one desktop computer that features a 23 inch diagonal display and a 4 camera sensory display that will capture the details of 2D and 3D objects for scanning. In place of a keyboard and mouse, the computer can instead come with a 20 point touch pad. It has been promoted as a great way for people to easily create scrapbooks or photo collages of real life items like certificates and awards. By placing the item over the scanner, it will be scanned and a rendition immediately appears on the display which you can manipulate the way you want. It has also been touted as a great choice for professionals looking to share their work with others and allow online communities to make real time changes to projects. The company is offering a software called MyRoom to help in this effort. This device is set to be in stores next month and is expected to retail at $1,899. It is expected to attract plenty of buyers when compared with similar offers from companies like iMac that retail at $2,499. Christmas time is a big sale period for tech devices and HP is hoping to attract innovative professionals who will be delighted with the design and features of Sprout. They have announced that the computer will be available from November 9th at stores like Best Buy and Microsoft. Several stores are also expected to set up interactive displays so that customers have a chance to try it before they buy it.


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