Apple caught removing embarrassing autocorrect failure from history

'It's road trip': The very high-profile autocorrect failure that Apple's scrubbed from history.

Autocorrect you have done it again.

Long the bane of every smartphone user's existence, this time a smartphone maker has had to scramble together a cover up.

Apple has been caught with its pants down after re-editing history by taking out an error in one of its live presentations.

The blunder came during a launch for one of Apple's flagship products, the iPad.

Earier this month, two French developers were demonstrating a new video editing app on the iPad called Replay.

Replay allows you to automatically edit and sync videos to music through your iPad.

Unfortunately for the developers the demonstration could not have gone less seamlessly.

They stumbled at the first hurdle, the title.

In an attempt to name the nostalgic family film 'Utah road trip,' Apple's autocorrect refused to play ball.

'It's road trip,' was born.

By the time the demonstrator had finished screwing up his face in frustration the internet had already pounced.

The meaningless, whimsical phrase now has its own place in internet parlance.

It has been 24 hours and yet I still can't stop laughing at # - Josh Davis (@HopefulJosh)October 17, 2014

Apple underestimated the memory of its online audience. It has now been caught editing the blunder out.

#itsroadtrip is no more guys, Apple changed the past - - Cian Mac Mahon (@Cianmm)October 17, 2014

Users of internet forum Reddit were quick to criticise the company.

'Honestly, why did they even do that?,' asked one. 'It's a mild streisand effect waiting to happen. the cat's outta the bag, and it even proves the event was live. silly apple.'

It is not the first time that there have been some 'technical problems' during one of Apple's whiz-bang presentations.


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