Facebook for Android, iPhone to lose Messenger support in the coming days

If you regularly chat on Facebook and don't already have Facebook Messenger installed, you may want to head into your platform's app store and get to downloading, because you'll soon need the dedicated messaging app to keep chatting with your pals.

Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that in the coming days, it plans to kill the main Facebook app's support for Messenger on Android and iPhone, forcing those users to install Facebook Messenger for their FB chat needs. Those that use Facebook on the mobile web, desktop, iPad, Windows Phone and Paper app will be able to continue to chat in the main Facebook app for now.

Facebook users on Android and iPhone will get notifications about the change in the coming days. The alert will tell them what's going on and include 'Remind Later' and 'Get App' options. After a few delays, though, Messenger will stop working in the Facebook app.

So why the change? Facebook says that ripping Messenger support out of the main Android and iPhone Facebook apps will make all of its apps better. Whether or not that'll end up being the case remains to be seen, but this move could upset quite a few folks and end up causing some of them to ditch Facebook Messenger altogether. After all, there's no shortage of cross platform chat options available, including BBM, WhatsApp and Snapchat. It'll definitely be interesting to see how Android and iPhone react to this change in the coming days.

Via TechCrunch, Facebook Messenger: Android, iPhone


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